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I am from the Western Indian city of Mumbai (formerly called Bombay). India is a beautiful place to visit and has a whole bunch of things unique to its culture.

All through my career and life I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with outstanding professionals, travel across the country and forge lasting friendships. Computers now allow us to instantly and intimately connect with friends and family in a most convenient way. Through this miracle of communication, I hope to initiate an active, ongoing dialog with the many friends & people who have touched my life and helped to develop myself professionally and personally..I truly wouldn’t be where I am today if not for the many people who have been there to love, guide, teach, support, motivate and inspire me during this incredible journey I have been on...

Keep coming back because I'm going to be updating this site and adding new pages regularly!

About Me

• a Keralite, born and brought up in a small town called Jalna in Maharashtra.

• a Computer Science Engineering graduate.

• wanted to be a pilot at some point in time...and hey, who knows..I may have my own jet someday! ;-)

• blessed with a wonderful family...meet them in my photo gallery.

• working as Asst.Vice President with one of the largest business houses in India ...having an amazing time here...fantastic work...fantastic set of people!

• love my work cos of the fantastic team i work with & the nature of work we do...

• Creative thinking is what I love the most, & fortunately my work is to come up with new creative & innovative ideas...

• love traveling...go on long drives quite often...even the kids love it!

• hate politics....be it office politics, regional politics or caste-based politics...

• passionate about 'CARS'....just can't take my eyes of any new model passing by...

• love to dream BIG and LIVE life to the fullest...Not Just Another Guy...

My Interests...

I guess it's good that one of my hobbies is playing around with computers (..and that is also my job!). I spend quite a bit of my spare time playing around with some new technology or another. That said, if I could have made it as a professional sportsman I would have much preferred that!

My favorite hobby is playing with my kids. After that is playing cricket, table tennis & solving crosswords. I love playing games on my cellphone every chance I get. I'm pretty much a sports nut and will play or watch just about anything, especially WWF!

Reading is my passion and have a H-U-G-E collection of books and ebooks!
I can read almost anything under the sky, no particular topics as favourites.

I love MUSIC!! I like to play the synthesiser (though I don't understand a bit of it), and if nobody is around, I sometimes sing. If people are around and once they hear me sing, usually pretty soon, there's nobody around, so it works well!!

My daughter, Isha, is a wizard on the keyboards and I simply love to listen to her play, and watch her little fingers go about so smoothly and in an expert manner all over the keybboard. It's amazing how she has mastered this at such a young age!

Last but not the least...I used to be into chess & table tennis, and I could
probably get into it again, if I ever find the time....and a partner who I can
beat on a regular basis. I don't enjoy losing, he he he.

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